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I use a warm wax system with strips for large areas of the body such as legs, forearms, back and bottom.  I use Perron Rigot Hot Wax on intimate areas, or more delicate areas such as under arms.  A Perron Rigot pre wax jasmine oil and a soothing lotion or after wax oil is always applied to help sooth the skin after treatment.

Please ensure you are clean and fresh for your appointment, and that your hair is at least 1/4" long (if hairs are too short, then waxing is not a success).

How much will it cost?
Eyebrows £9.00
Lip & chin £10.00
Nostrils (it doesn’t hurt) £8.00
Ears (just inside & out) £8.00
Upper Lip £6.00
1/2 legs £15.00
3/4 legs £18.00
Full legs £20.00
Leg & bikini £25.00
Bikini line to Brazilian from £9.00 for just a little off the sides to £35.00 for just a small strip of hair left on the mound.
Full Hollywood (all off) £40.00
Men's Intimate waxing £20 neat Pubic Triangle
Sides, top of Pubic line & inner crease £40
All off, Pubic, Sac/Penis/Crack/Buttocks £60
Arms – forearms £15.00
Arms – full £20.00
Full Back (Upper Body) £25.00

I am very good with clients having their first wax.  I have been told that I am far more gentle then they expected and how surprised they are with the little discomfort experienced.  Other clients have chatted away whilst I have been waxing them and are oblivious to the process taking place.  Anywhere that you have excess hair that you wish removed then just ask. I only use hot wax for all sensitive or intimate areas.

Men’s Waxing: For any areas not quoted above then please enquire. A FULL body wax is in the region of £150 to £170 and takes several hours. Gentleman are very welcome for all beauty & massage treatments.

If you’re having  FULL Intimate Waxing, you’ll need to get naked from the waist down to get a perfect wax, so don’t be shy!  My only interest is doing a professional wax. I’m sure you have heard the expression “you wouldn’t take a shower with a rain coat”.  For smaller areas, you can wear old undies that can be thrown away afterwards if wax gets on them otherwise I can provide a disposable thong.

Aftercare:  Please avoid deodorant, sunbathing/sunbeds, really hot showers/baths/spas/saunas, and chlorinated pools for 24 hours after you’ve been waxed, as your skin will be sensitive.

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